C Primer Plus 第五版笔记 – 第四章:字符串和格式化输入/输出


// tailback.c — 一个提供一些信息的对话程序
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#define DENSITY 62.4
int main()

    float weight, volume;
    int size, letters;
    char name[40];
    printf("Hi! What's your name?\n");
    scanf("%s", name);
    printf("%s, what's your weight in pounds?\n", name);
    scans("%f", &weight);
    size = sizeof name;
    letters = strlen(name);
    volume = weight /DENSITY;
    printf("Well, %s your volume is %2.2f cubic feet.\n", name, volume);
    printf("Also, your first name has %d letters,\n", letters);
    printf("and we have %d bytes to store it in.\n", size);
    return 0;


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